Designing and implementing 5G cellular V2X capabilities can be a daunting task. Standards are in constant motion. In addition, the technology, equipment, and expertise needed to build and maintain a test setup that addresses all the latest standards and specifications can be costly and time consuming.

Keysight offers a state-of-the-art 5G C-V2X Test Lab with test setups and expertise that let you cut through the complexity and get right to the results and analysis you need.

Do you face these 5G C-V2X test challenges?

  • Delayed availability of budget because of C-V2X regulatory uncertainty
  • Competitive time-to-market pressures
  • Shorter and more complex technology lifecycles
  • Specialized talent demand in a competitive landscape
5G CV2X Test Lab Challenges

Sample List of Capabilities

C-V2X Application Layer Testing

  • Active road safety messages
  • Cooperative traffic efficiency
  • Cooperative local and global internet services
  • Congestion testing

Standards-Based Testing

  • Transmitter tests (TS36.521-1 Clause 6)
  • Receiver sensitivity and interference tests (TS36.521-1 Clause 7)
  • Demodulation performance tests (TS 36.521-1 Clause 14)

Parametric Testing

  • Transmitter quality measurements
  • Receiver quality measurements
  • Edge cases
  • Sidelink tests
  • Diagnose and debug

Custom Testing

  • Early technology test development
  • Test plan and automation development
  • Custom algorithms and measurement science
  • Non-standardized interfaces
  • Custom reporting and data analytics
  • Crash scenario combination testing

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