Cut Deployment Times for Any Firewall Upgrades

Maintenance windows are precious. When it comes time to upgrade your firewall appliance or add another inline security tool, Keysight can help you minimize the time spent configuring a resilient path for those upgrades. Installing an Keysight external bypass switch takes only about 4 minutes since it is already preconfigured for major security vendors.

Using the bypass switch in tap mode, traffic can still flow in your live network while also being replicated to the IPS or other inline security tool. Once your IPS is configured, tested, and ready for deployment, it can be easily placed inline with no further network disruption. A typical IPS install can take anywhere from 2–4 hours. The benefit to network downtime from using an external bypass becomes significant when you have dozens of IPS upgrades.

Deploy in 4 minutes versus 4 hours
External bypass is deployed in front of IPS

Deploy IPS With Minimal Business Disruption

Keysight provides a fail-safe security architecture for customers migrating to inline security appliances. Keysight external bypass switches safeguard security tools deployed inline with automated failover protection, to prevent temporary tool disruptions from escalating into costly network outages.

And when you want total resiliency, only Keysight supports active-active high availability configurations that ensure continuous traffic inspection and near-instant recovery.

Keysight Customers Realize Substantial Benefits

84% total customers realized ROI in 12 months or less(1)
Only 5% cost of standalone bypass as percent of integrated bypass (2)

¹ Ixia customer survey executed and documented by TechValidate, September 2016

² Comparison of list prices for Ixia iBypass switch and Gigamon GigaVUE-HC2, as of July 2016

$250,000+ savings realized by one out of four customers (1)

Ensure Network Availability and Complete Inspection

Bypass switches ensure failsafe tool deployment

Keysight bypass switches enable fail-safe migration and make it easy to maintain tools with no network downtime.

Network packet brokers increase efficiency

Keysight packet brokers offload CPU-intensive processing from your IPS, to help it work more efficiently.

Manufacturer Chooses Bypass for Next Gen Firewall Deployment

Case Study: Manufacturer Chooses Bypass for Cisco ASA with Firepower Deployment

This company chose Keysight's external bypass for fail-safe deployment and continuous operation of their IPS.

Plan Your Firewall Migration to Increase Security Resilience

White Paper: Plan Your Firewall Migration to Increase Security Resilience

A firewall upgrade provides the opportunity to future-proof your security architecture and achieve greater flexibility.

Upgrading Your Firewall is Only Half the Battle

Infographic: Upgrading Your Firewall is Only Half the Battle

Upgrading your firewall or migrating to a NGFW is the perfect time to deploy a more resilient security fabric.

Faster migration with less business disruption.