LTE continues to be developed and deployed and is now the most widely used cellular wireless technology worldwide. The LTE standard has evolved to include LTE Advanced (LTE-A) and LTE Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro), which supports wider bandwidths, unlicensed frequency bands, more carrier aggregation, full-dimension MIMO, and multi-gigabit data rates. Overcome the challenges and maximize 4G LTE performance by evolving to 4.9G with Keysight.

Expand with Small Cells

Small cells range from very compact home-based femtocells, to picocells deployed by businesses, to microcells that cover larger areas like malls, stadiums, or downtown areas. Small cells are being deployed on 4G LTE networks to improve network performance and reliability in low-coverage or highly-trafficked areas.

Keysight has small cell test equipment that can help you meet your time to market goals, with test methods developed for calibration and verification of popular small cell shipsets, highly-configurable hardware and software, and productivity services available on demand.

Small Cell Test Solution
4G LTE Solution

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As an active member of 3GPP and other wireless standards bodies, and a partner in several leading 5G forums and consortia, Keysight can accelerate your communication innovations. Review our other solutions for more information.

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