Keysight software licensing enables you, the customer, to select and pay for the features and capabilities of each Keysight product that are important to you. Keysight licensing also provides ways to share those selected features and capabilities with multiple users, without having to purchase licenses for each user.

Overview of licensing process

There are three key steps in the Keysight licensing process:

  1. Receiving an entitlement certificate
  2. Obtaining a license
  3. Installing a license 

Receiving an entitlement certificate

You will receive an entitlement certificate when you purchase a product. The certificate is typically sent as a PDF attachment via email, but in some cases a paper copy will also be sent with your purchased product. The certificate entitles you to use the licensed product options that you have purchased.

Obtaining a license

Log in to the Keysight Software Manager website and add the certificate that you received to request the actual license(s) for your product. 

Installing a license

You will use Keysight licensing tools or a USB drive to install the license files that you received via email from KSM for your product onto the PC or instrument where you have installed the product. The email that you receive from KSM includes specific license installation instructions for your product and type of license.