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Increasing connectivity, artificial intelligence, and next-generation computational power are laying the foundation for disruptive innovation in every industry. Draw on Keysight’s breadth of technology knowledge to stay one step ahead with insights into emerging technologies, evolving industry standards, and smarter ways to design, test, and deliver new technologies.

How 6G Will Change the Way We Interact with Technology

Keysight and Nokia are partnering to investigate the sub-terahertz spectrum, which has the potential to power the necessary bandwidth requirements for 6G.

Pushing the Envelope in Quantum

Quantum leaders discuss how quantum computing will help solve industry challenges around logistics, optimization, pharmaceuticals, and material science.


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As technologies converge, R&D engineers face four formidable challenges during product development: complexity, time, dynamic requirements, and productivity. According to Forrester, technology leaders are looking to AI-based testing and workflow automation to help their teams manage complexity, reduce test cycles, and speed development.

More integrations in product designs are amplifying complexity across the workflow.

Testing complexity has not only increased the number of tests, but also the length of the tests.

Engineering teams must adapt to evolving technologies and new protocols in real time. 

Complex designs, longer test cycles, and shifting requirements are overloading engineering teams.

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