New Keysight PathWave software capabilities harness the power of cloud clusters, giving you scalable capacity at your fingertips. You can perform intense simulations and speed up compliance tests by moving data processing to the cloud. PathWave software removes computational limitations, so you spend less time manually crunching data.


Separate physical measurement from data processing in the cloud. With PathWave software, you can run signal acquisition and measurement in parallel rather than in series, reducing overall test time.


PathWave software lets you run compute-intensive electromagnetic simulations with on-premises clusters or scalable cloud hardware. Tackle larger simulations that were previously unsolvable because of resource limitations.

Keysight MXR-Series software applications - signal integrity, power integrity, protocol decode and trigger applications

Reduce Test Setup Time By 4x

Easily optimize multiple instrument setups with resource arbiter and timing analyzer tools. Seamlessly integrate with existing automated test system workflow to minimize setup time while allowing for scalability.

Analyze And Troubleshoot 10x Faster

Get greater insight into data with a scalable, high-performance data repository to speed engineering decisions. Fast and accurate test analysis and troubleshooting accelerate both design verification and production testing.

Keysight MXR-Series software applications - signal integrity, power integrity, protocol decode and trigger applications

Get Manufacturing Insights 9x Faster

With PathWave software, you can connect and acquire real-time data from test systems seamlessly. Automate complex workflows to increase productivity, and leverage tested machine learning models that provide actionable insights.

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PathWave ADS High Speed Digital Design Software

Design Simulations in the Cloud

For design engineers who need more time to simulate and make confident design decisions

PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)

Measurement Processing Clusters

For system test engineers who need to perform compliance tests faster without purchasing more hardware

PCIe 5.0 Transmitter Compliance Test Software

Automated Instrument Sharing

For test engineers who want to connect multiple instruments without complex programming

PathWave Test Automation Software

Test and Measurement Analytics

For design validation test engineers who want better insight into data without creating spreadsheets

PathWave Measurement Analytics

Test and Manufacturing Analytics

For manufacturing leaders who want better insight to drive process improvements and product quality

PathWave Manufacturing Analytics


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