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Mission-Critical IoT Applications and Technologies for Success

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Enabling the future of the mission-critical IoT requires more than just the right design, it requires the right tools to build a strong foundation

By 2028, virtually all major sensing and feedback systems benefiting from continuous monitoring will connect to devices currently known as the Internet of Things (IoT). As that connectedness becomes a given, the need to label anything as IoT will become unnecessary; in much the same way that referring to a smartphone today as an internet-connected device seems redundant.

As the pervasiveness of the IoT spreads, it will change completely how the world interacts with information. And, it will have a dramatic impact on mission-critical IoT devices and the applications they enable. Forget Industry 4.0 and think more in terms of Mission-Critical IoT 2.0. Rather than just devices optimized for performance, ultra-high reliability and security, it will be an entire mission-critical ecosystem designed and hardened to withstand the rigors of the real world. That ecosystem will enable functionality and deliver efficiencies that just a few years ago might have seemed impossible. Want a glimpse? 


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