How to Test Automotive SerDes Channel Conformance

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Verifying automotive SerDes harness, connector and cable conformance

Verifying the automotive SerDes (serializer / deserializer) channel or link requires looking at the cabling system, the medium-dependent interface (MDI), and the fixturing in both time and frequency domains. Maintaining the signal integrity between the transmitter and receiver is essential for automotive SerDes channel testing. A link segment comprises cables, inline connectors, and mating connectors at either end. Given the cable lengths used in the harsh automotive environment, monitoring the impedance versus frequency data is crucial to predict how the channel will perform within the vehicle.

The main instrument required for automotive SerDes channel testing is a vector network analyzer (VNA). The VNA characterizes the properties of the signal as it moves, ensuring the channel maintains the integrity of the signal transmitted and received. The test setup must include a software application to configure / run the VNA and analyze the measured results by comparing them to the limits published in the specifications. Measurements needed include insertion loss, crosstalk, and mode conversion.

Automotive SerDes channel test solution

Automotive SerDes channel test solution

Automotive SerDes channel testing requires both time and frequency domain analysis. The Keysight automotive SerDes channel test solution helps you validate the harness, cable, or connector's health to complete the system from transmitting device to receiving ECU. The AE2010L channel compliance software is installed directly onto the E5080B ENA vector network analyzer. The AE2010L software automatically configures the VNA for the test and provides an informative results report that includes insertion loss, crosstalk, and mode conversion, among others, along with a pass / fail limit. The solution runs various test plans following standards governed by the IEEE.

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