How to Simulate Digital Pre-Distortion for Power Amplifier Design

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Simulating digital predistortion (DPD) for power amplifier design

Designing power amplifiers (PAs) for efficiency and bandwidth performance requires simulating their modulated performance using digital predistortion (DPD) at the circuit level. The simulation software must support compact waveform and advanced DPD models for broadband compression and memory effects to minimize distortion from running PAs in their non-linear regions. Integrating the DPD simulation solution into the design engineer's circuit design application removes the challenges of transitioning between platforms or manually configuring signal formats and DPD algorithms.

Inject a test signal into different DPD algorithms (such as memory polynomial, Volterra polynomial, and look-up table) to evaluate linearity improvements and optimize the DPD model's coefficient. Once optimized, validate key metrics like Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR) or error vector magnitude (EVM) to gauge the DPD's effectiveness. Iterative simulation across different operating conditions, signal bandwidths, and modulation formats is essential to capture all non-linearities and memory effects.

DPD simulation in ADS

DPD simulation solution for power amplifier design

Enhancing power amplifier designs for efficiency and bandwidth performance requires simulating digital predistortion early in the design phase. Keysight EDA Advanced Design System (ADS) provides a unified DPD simulation and circuit design platform. Compared with iterative build-simulate-test models, it accelerates simulation speed by 10 times while maintaining correct waveform characteristics. Keysight EDA software incorporates a unique dynamic gain model that can describe both linear dispersion and non-linear memory effects in Doherty PAs under broadband signals.

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