Eliminate blindspots that impact your organization's security and performance

Keysight dynamic network intelligence lets you take traffic from anywhere on the network, filter, groom and process it and send that traffic to the network security and monitoring tools that need it—decrypted, deduplicated, unencapsulated and ready for efficient consumption without blind spots or dropped packets.

Enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and service providers all need total visibility, without blind spots, to effectively manage:

  • Network Security, both inline and out-of-band
  • Network and Application Performance Monitoring

Dynamic network intelligence is enabled by hardware acceleration, line rate processing, and a extremely easy-to-use management interface to deliver value in four important areas.

Industry Leading Visibility With Vision One

Deploying Dynamic Network Intelligence

Dynamic network intelligence solves challenges in Network Security (both inline and out-of-band) and Performance Monitoring. Learn more about these deployment options.

Out of Band Monitoring

Visibility powered by an intelligent security fabric improves the accuracy of out-of-band network, application, and security monitoring, including NPM, APM, SIEM, IDS, etc.

Inline Security Resilience

Failsafe visibility to physical, virtual, and encrypted traffic maximizes the value of your firewall, intrusion prevention system, malware protection, and other security appliances.

Extra Help With Visibility

We all need a little extra help sometimes. Fortunately, Keysight has a number of different professional services offerings to help you get the most out of your network visibility investments.

We can help you:

  • Accelerate deployments
  • Remove risk from projects
  • Consulting
  • Train your teams
  • And much more!

Learn more about Keysight Professional Services.

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