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Validating user interface integrity with visual verification

Automating user interface (UI) testing requires a test automation platform with computer vision capabilities to ensure applications display correctly for the end user regardless of device, browser, or operating system. To automate testing at the UI level, the UI test automation system must include optical character recognition (OCR) and computer vision.

The OCR technology reads the on-screen text while computer vision scans the interface for visual elements, buttons, fields, values, and colors. Combining OCR and computer vision enables testers to specifically test what customers see when interacting with the application or system. Testing from the user’s point of view allows testers to spot UI glitches before customers can.

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Testing UI with a visual verification solution

Automated visual verification at the UI level requires the use of OCR and computer vision. Eggplant Test combines a computer vision engine with OCR and scriptable automation to deliver an advanced, UI-based test automation solution. By interpreting and interacting with the interface, Eggplant Test expands coverage to uncover defects that affect the user experience. A model-based approach facilitates exploratory UI testing that enables the solution to click around the system under test, identifying anomalies and defects along the way.

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