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Automating mobile application testing when developing for iPhone operating systems (iOS) and Android platforms requires mobile app testing software that executes test cases across multiple operating systems and device platform releases in parallel. Testing mobile applications requires tools that combine physical or virtual test platforms with methods driven by user experience to validate compatibility, function, usability, performance, and security. Testing should incorporate real network conditions and measure the impact of resource usage on device battery consumption. In addition, test cases must incorporate guidelines and compliance policies required for publishing the app to the marketplace.

Establishing a test environment that accurately replicates all required devices involves either building a device farm, or leveraging a service to access a device farm that matches your target environment for phones, tablets, and watches from Apple, Samsung, Google, and other popular manufacturers, as well as all OS versions under test. Beyond functional validation, testing should also include app performance under various network conditions, install and update testing, and interruption testing for incoming calls, notifications, and alerts.

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Mobile application testing solution

Testing mobile application releases on multiple platforms require a software test automation solution that supports parallel execution on a device farm. Eggplant Test integrates with Sauce Labs, providing access to emulated or real physical devices that run numerous versions of iOS and Android on multiple hardware platforms. Eggplant’s computer vision and fusion testing engine allows developers to test application behaviors, including app performance, functional verification, usability, performance, and security.


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