How to Accelerate High-Speed Digital Compliance Testing

UXR-Series Oscilloscope
+ UXR-Series Oscilloscope

Accelerating compliance tests with off-instrument parallel processing

High-speed digital protocol compliance tests for like LPDDR4, USB, DisplayPort, and PCIe5 require executing hundreds of tests involving data acquisition and post-acquisition analysis. Each successive generation adds more tests and more processing requirements, where computation may take significantly longer than data acquisition. The solution to overcome this challenge is to offload the analysis to external compute resources that operate faster and in parallel. This technique is called measurement disaggregation.

Offloading data to external compute resources requires an oscilloscope supporting remote data processing. In this configuration, signal acquisition is done on the instrument, while signal analysis is done on external compute resources. A test sequencer is needed to distribute multiple processing tasks to parallel computing nodes. When properly implemented, this significantly reduces time to results, while preserving typical compliance pass / fail reporting capabilities.

Measurement disaggregation setup

Compliance test acceleration solution

Accelerating compliance test processing requires a solution that can offload computational tasks to high-performance parallel computing resources. The Keysight compliance test acceleration solution offloads computational tasks from the oscilloscope for PCIe5, DisplayPort 1.4a, LPDDR5, and USB4 compliance tests. The compliance test software running on an UXR oscilloscope sends captured data to multiple virtual machines managed by a test sequencer. The Keysight UXR oscilloscope can continuously capture waveforms while offboard server resources analyze and post-process the waveforms in parallel.

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