Testing 5G requires diagnosing the root causes of problems between layers, which often takes hours, days or even weeks

The SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset provides visibility into protocol and physical layer interaction in wireless transmissions, with the ability to record and review the conditions when performance is optimal and compare when the results are less than expected.

The SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset, is controlled by a laptop or desktop PC running the GUI connected to the test network via an Ethernet port. 

The user-friendly software control package, with its strong visual emphasis, greatly simplifies test set up and provides quick graphic confirmation of the test configuration. This feature is very valuable when dealing with complex scenarios.

The SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset uses a proprietary, modular architecture that is much more targeted and cost-effective than a one-size-fits-all standard platform, allowing to maximize the coverage according to testing budget. Scalable and high-speed programmable hardware to update and expand the solution in terms of ports or memory as needs change in terms of MIMO or carriers use cases. For large-scale testing up to 64 chassis can be daisy-chained to house up to 256 modules.

Additionally, with SW-only operation mode, it is possible to to import, decode and troubleshoot UXM IQ captures. This is really useful to complement the capabilities of Keysight Network Emulation Solutions, and to adjudicate disputes created when multiple vendors’ products and analysis logs are contradictory, causing undue delays and increasing engineering expenses.

Key Features:

  • Protocol exchange errors location not found in end equipment logs
  • Correlation between PHY and upper layers
  • FR1 and FR2 supported
  • Up to date to 3GPP specifications and releases
  • Ultimate authority in wireless testing, showing the expected vs received logs
  • Essential tool for troubleshooting wireless development and deployment issues

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