PathWave Measurement Analytics gives you a simple and powerful user interface for data visualization and analytics. Capture and store test data with real-time access. Import data from various sources in multiple formats. Integrate data analytics into your test processes with the open Application Program Interface (API).

  • Easily visualize and analyze measurement data
  • Enable engineering decisions with a scalable, high- performance data repository
  • Perform benchmarks against industry peers with USB 3.1 industry data
  • Upload data via streaming or bulk transfer
  • Machine learning algorithms provide accelerated data analysis and more accurate results
  • Access data securely with any operating system or programming language

Focus on Design and Test, Not Time-Consuming Data Analysis

See how and why measurement data analytics tools can reduce time-to-market for your engineering projects. Explore the design to manufacturing process and the requirements for data collection specified by an initial design. Learn how data visualization and analytics improve the workflow across your globally dispersed teams.

Key Features

Visualize and analyze measurement data

Web-based, real-time access across distributed teams

Machine learning for accelerated data analysis

Import data from multiple sources in multiple formats

Operating system and programming langauage independent

Extend the capabilities for your PathWave Measurement Analytics

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