Network Visibility Architecture

Network monitoring switches add intelligence between access points and monitoring tools

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Visibility Architecture

Visibility Architecture

More mobile devices are now connecting to more data from more sources. IT challenges are complicated by increasingly high customer expectations for always-on access and immediate application response. This complexity creates network "blind spots" where latent errors germinate and pre-attack activity lurks. Stressed-out monitoring systems make it hard, if not impossible, to keep up with traffic and filter data "noise" at rates that they were not designed to handle. Network blind spots have become a costly and risk-filled challenge for network operators.

The answer to these challenges is a highly scalable visibility architecture that enables the elimination of current blind spots, while providing resilience and control without added complexity.

Keysight Visibility Architecture

The Keysight Visibility Architecture is built on the industry’s most comprehensive network visibility product portfolio. This portfolio, serving as the foundation of the Visibility Architecture, includes network access solutions, network packet brokers, application and session visibility solutions, and an integrated management platform.

The portfolio provides enterprises and service providers with a single integrated resource to address all of their visibility needs. Keysight is the only company that offers this comprehensive and fully integrated Visibility Architecture, enabling end-to-end visibility across the entire network that includes mixed physical and virtual network environments. In addition, this architecture supports both passive monitoring and fail-safe inline security deployments.

Keysight Visibility Architecture
Visibility Architecture

Benefits of Keysight's Visibility Architecture

The most advanced, efficient, and comprehensive visibility solution in the industry:

  • Helps eliminate blind spots in the network by getting the right information to the right tools at the right time, greatly improving performance, QoE, and security.
  • Includes physical and virtual taps, bypass switches, and full-featured network packet brokers that solve network visibility needs—from single-point solutions to large-scale enterprise and service provider network deployments.
  • Extends the life of existing IT tool investments and maximizes the usefulness of the current tool capacity.
  • Easily integrates into automated and software-defined data center environments.
  • Provides network visibility that is scalable in every sense of the word—from product to portfolio, and including design, management, and support.

Keysight's Visibility Architecture helps companies speed application delivery and network trouble resolution, improve monitoring for network security, application performance, and service level agreement (SLA) fulfillment—as well as to meet compliance mandates.

Keysight's Visibility Architecture

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