Regeneration Taps

Make multiple copies of data on a single link

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  • Secure — no way for the device to be compromised or brought down by external threats
  • Cost effective — far lower cost than network packet brokers
  • Copper and Fiber (1G and 10G) options available
  • Does not modify traffic — tools see real copies of the packets from the network
  • "Plug and Play" — does not require costly device management and configuration time

Keysight 1G and 10G Regen Taps enable multi-device monitoring for 10 gigabit and 1 gigabit networks without adding cost for ongoing device management or configuration. For a complete picture of network health, these taps connect up to eight different network management and security devices at any single network location.

Keysight Regen Taps are completely secure, isolated from any external threats, and do not run the risk of becoming compromised like other managed solutions. These devices can be deployed without adding cost for configuration or ongoing management and work right out of the box. Regen taps deliver 8 copies of the traffic on a single duplex link.

In addition, these Regen Taps have SFP or SFP+ monitor ports so they can attach to monitoring equipment with any type of interface: single-mode or multi-mode fiber and copper.

Just plug in the appropriate transceiver modules for as many and whatever types of monitoring or security tools you want.

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