Packet Capture Module

Packet Capture Module

Capture packet anomalies for quick analysis and solutions

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  • Packet capture capability at 40 GE line rate with built-in decode functionality
  • On-board and off-board PCAP storage options
  • Packet captures can be initiated manually or triggered
  • Hitless upgrades
  • 14 GB sliding sampling window is buffered to capture pre-event information
  • Role-based access to packet captures are automatically assigned
  • Extensive list of trigger fields: MAC address, VLAN, Ethernet type, IP address, MPLS label, IP Protocol, TCP control or Layer 4 port

The Packet Capture Module allows IT engineers the ability to capture packets associated with a network anomaly and/or problem, and then quickly analyze the packets to come up with a fast solution. This is accomplished using an up to 14GB sampling window at up to 40GE Line rates. Not only can the target packets be captured, but a circular buffer window automatically retains packets preceding the trigger point (i.e., captures what’s still in the buffer) and then the desired packets after that point. This pre-event information is often a life saver in reducing the time to diagnosis. The captured files can then be stored on the chassis, saved to the user’s PC, or saved to an external location using SCP or FTP. Using the built-in decoder, the user can quickly see and understand network problems and events without ever leaving the user interface.

The Packet Capture Module is a 48 x 10GE interface card that can be used within a Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) 7300 network packet broker (NPB). The NTO 7300 and IxVision Visibility Architecture provide the most scalable network visibility framework in the industry.

The packet capture feature can be enabled from within the NTO 7300 Control Panel GUI by a simple drag and drop onto the desired dynamic filter. A web-based RESTful interface is also supported. User permissions for the diagnostic capability and the capture files follow the NTO role-based permissions settings, so that no additional configuration is required to secure the capture files.

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