Phantom HD

Phantom HD

High-throughput tunneling appliance that performs traffic deduplication in virtualized environments

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Total Visibility for Network Monitoring Across the Cloud

The Phantom HD tunneling appliance bridges physical and virtual networks for total visibility, security, and control. This versatile device delivers superior efficiency and cost-savings while handling more bandwidth than any solution on the market.

Providing a single aggregation point for inspecting both virtual and physical network traffic, Phantom HD speeds traffic of interest across sites, locations, devices, the cloud, and providers at 10 Gbps. The solution eliminates new security vulnerabilities emerging as servers are consolidated in virtualized computing environments.

Phantom HD takes full advantage of virtual computing while preserving the value of physical implementations. Phantom HD terminates and decapsulates virtual traffic from our Phantom Virtualization Taps at 10 Gbps—turning it back into raw physical monitoring traffic and defragmenting packets in the process.


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