Cloud-Native Visibility for Public Cloud

Containerized, dynamically orchestrated, pay-per-use visibility

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We say CloudLens is the first network-level solution that provides Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and that It is also the industry's first cloud service-provider agnostic visibility platform.

But what makes CloudLens able to offer VaaS through a SaaS platform? Why is CloudLens easily able to support multiple cloud service-provider platforms? Why is CloudLens able to scale, just like the cloud?

It is because CloudLens is built cloud-native. Let's take a look at the elements that make CloudLens a "native" and how each one creates unique benefits that only CloudLens offers among visibility platforms.


CloudLens is containerized. Each part of it, the applications, processes, etc. are packaged in their own containers.

This facilitates reproducibility — it helps CloudLens scale consistently since each container has everything it needs. As CloudLens supports services, many customers, and their thousands of instances, it will be able to expand easily. It also helps with transparency and resource isolation.

Dynamically Orchestrated

CloudLens containers or its agents are dynamically orchestrated.

Basically, the application is built intelligently so that the containers are actively scheduled and managed, meaning that it aligns to workload and security and monitoring tool instances as they are created an destroyed. When a new instance appears, CloudLens expands, when instances disappear, CloudLens contracts. This optimizes resource use and eliminates error because it doesn't require manual configuration.

Microservices Oriented

At its core, CloudLens has an implicit microservices oriented architecture which is orchestrated via API’s — a serverless design. Basically, the application is segmented into microservices, increasing its agility and maintainability.

This makes it possible to iterate and improve and add features to CloudLens rapidly, moreover, it doesn't require users to do any updates. Like any SaaS, the updates are automatic.


CloudLens is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) meaning that you can self-provision: Sign-up online, use a free-trial, pay online, and begin use right away without any assistance. Of course Keysight provides support, much like it does for each of its platforms, but you have the flexibility and freedom to work on your own schedule.

Why it Matters

CloudLens is the only platform that can provide visibility and a means to secure cloud deployments as flexibly as with cloud-scale because it is Cloud-native. There is no guesswork on VM sizing, no extra segments to manage and no complications from using multiple platforms. It simply makes everything easier, so our customers can focus on what matters.