iBypass 40–10

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4 segment 10Gbps HA intelligent bypass switch

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  • Continuously checks the responsiveness of inline tools by sending them microsecond-resolution heartbeat packets
  • Includes statistics for remote monitoring and Keysight's ProPush
  • Integrates with the Indigo ProTM Management Platform for managing and monitoring a variety of devices from a single screen
  • Issues alerts to indicate when inline tools become unavailable, allowing network traffic to bypass the tool and flow without interruption
  • Allows users to change settings through user-friendly web, command-line, and SNMP interfaces

Building a Bridge Between Your Network and Inline Tools

Problem: The Added Burden of Monitoring Solutions

Today’s organizations are facing a triad of network concerns: the increasing volume of multiprotocol traffic at higher data rates, mounting security threats, and a strict regulatory environment.

Deploying inline tools to inspect and control network traffic can help block incoming threats, but inline tools also complicate network operations: the more tools you deploy, the more potential points of failure. And in the event an inline tool becomes unavailable, it can completely bring down the network link, significantly compromising network uptime and disrupting business continuity.

Solution: A Fail-Safe Option

Our iBypass 40–10 offers a win-win proposition: an intelligent bypass switch that provides a fail-safe way to protect the network from tool failures, while at the same time safeguarding against incoming security threats.

Configurable via an easy-to-use Web interface, the iBypass 40–10 works by augmenting network-monitoring capability with SNMP traps and microsecond-resolution heartbeat packets. The device allows monitoring of four 10GbE links or daisy chaining multiple tools on 10GbE links and features field-upgradable software and firmware.

Each and every packet is inspected, blocking threats before they reach the network. And by sitting in front of any inline security or monitoring tool, the iBypass 40–10 guarantees network availability and allows organizations to reap the greatest value from their monitoring tools.

An easy to use GUI provides the ability to configure and monitor a variety of High Availability (HA) modes.

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