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Connect to 100GE networks and distribute traffic across tools designed for lower speed environments

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The Net Tool Optimizer® Now Supports Greater Scalability with 100GE and Release 3.8

Customer networks are expanding in complexity, scale, and bandwidth. As service providers upgrade their backbones to 100GE they cannot afford to lose visibility into their network traffic. They can now connect to 100GE networks and distribute the traffic across tools that were designed for lower speed environments.

Other key additions include:

Greater Monitoring Scalability

To enable the use of limited bandwidth visibility tools in high-capacity environments, Keysight supports the industry's largest load balancing capacity for monitoring, analysis, and security tools. Customers with high-bandwidth environments, such as 100GE, can now effectively distribute and balance traffic across up to 32 individual tools.

Improved Forensic Analysis

Keysight introduces a port tagging feature, which in conjunction with the existing precision time stamping feature allows customers to perform forensic analysis of network data captured from a large number of monitored segments without losing visibility into the origin of the traffic.

In networks requiring extensive data capture and forensic analysis, such as financial institutions, large network environments must be monitored and recorded with high precision. Our combination of flexible port tagging and precision time stamping allows customers cost effectively collect data in a single repository from multiple network segments.

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