XAir3 Fixed Chassis

XAir3 Fixed Chassis

5G NR UE emulation for functional, load, scale, and performance testing

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  • Validate 5G RAN functionality by assessing full protocol stack from Layer 1 to Layer 7
  • Perform service quality validation with subscriber modeling, and multiplay voice, video, and data traffic generation
  • Functional testing – layer by layer testing – up to 10 UEs
  • Load testing of 5G-RAN – NSA and SA modes
  • Compact footprint with potential to grow up to 4,000 UEs
  • Test complex mobility scenarios
  • 3GPP R15, FR1 (Sub6 GHz), up to 4xCC, up to 4x4 MIMO
  • Flexible, modular, and scalable to support different split architecture of 5G-RAN

Challenge: Capturing the Promises of 5G-RAN

5G New Radio (NR) is the new technology specification for an OFDM-based physical air interface. 5G NR is not an evolution of 4G (LTE). It is required to achieve the extreme bandwidth, low latency, and massive scalability requirements of 5G.

5G NR is expected to make wireless broadband performance the same as wired — “Wireless Fiber” to deliver a lower cost per bit. As 5G standards evolve, it is important to perform continuous standards conformance testing to accelerate innovation.

Testing 5G devices, equipment, and networks with complete confidence requires careful planning, well-thought-out test plans, a performance benchmarking strategy, test automation, and reporting. This will eliminate any surprises when accelerating the deployment of 5G-related products and services.

Solution: 5G NR UE Emulation for Functional Layer-by-Layer Testing Load/Scale/Performance Testing

Keysight’s XAir3 fixed chassis (appliance) provides 5G NR user equipment (UE) emulation that enables a powerful Layer 1 to 7 test solution.

With complex UE modeling, it offers realistic and easily-configured traffic models and call patterns. Using IxLoad’s real-world subscriber modeling, testers do not need to be protocol experts to develop test realism.

From a single tool, users can perform capacity tests, detail a cell throughput, measure voice and video quality, and model a wide variety of mobility scenarios.

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