XAir2 Load Module

LTE UE emulation for eNodeB testing across Layers 1-7

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  • Validate eNodeB functionality by assessing full protocol stack from Layer 1 to Layer 7
  • Perform service quality validation with subscriber modeling, multiplay voice, video, and data traffic generation
  • Determine total cell throughput
  • Test complex mobility scenarios
  • Assess the maximum number of subscribers within a cell/sector
  • Benchmark the control plane performance of eNodeBs

Problem: Ensuring Optimized Performance For New Mobile Infrastructure Technologies

The continuous increase in capacity demand drives mobile wireless operators to greatly expand their network capacities. Service providers are under pressure to offer more throughput per user while guaranteeing end-to-end quality of service. Vendors are employing new technologies to deepen network capacities beyond just expanding radio coverage, bringing in new challenges for lab testing.

Solution: LTE Emulation For End-To-End QOS Validation

Keysight’s XAir2 load module provides LTE user equipment (UE) emulation that enables a powerful IxLoad eNodeB Layer 1 to 7 test solution. With complex UE modeling, it offers realistic and easily-configured traffic models and cal patterns.

Using IxLoad’s real-world subscriber modeling, testers do not need to be protocol experts to develop test realism. From a single tool, users can perform capacity tests, detail a cell throughput, measure voice and video quality, model a wide variety of mobility scenarios.

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