Industry's highest performing application and security test platform

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  • Enables you to evaluate next-generation, content-aware security devices and roll out converged multiplay services
  • Delivers massive scale, easy-to-use and high-fidelity simulations
  • Leverages the per-port user ownership model for all ports on the test modules installed into the chassis in a multiuser environment
  • Supports BreakingPoint and IxLoad software with a unified applications and security-test platform
  • Features leading encryption performance with built-in hardware-based acceleration for IPsec and SSL

A Scalable Solution For Greater Security

Problem: A Network Unprepared for the Future

Networks are being pushed to the limit as organizations struggle to accommodate growing bandwidth requirements, TCP connections, networking devices, and voluminous traffic.

Fortunately, simulating realistic data, video, voice, storage, and network traffic can help ensure your data center infrastructure is high-performing and secure. But not just any testing tool will do. Keeping pace with next-generation demands on your network requires a flexible and scalable solution.

Solution: Accommodating Next-Generation Demands with a Single Solution

Keysight's PerfectStorm testing platform boasts the flexibility and scalability needed to meet the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s networks. That’s because PerfectStorm can modularly scale nearly a terabit of application traffic in a single, integrated system. By simulating millions of real-world end-user environments, you can easily test converged multiplay services, application delivery, and network security platforms.

Equipped with powerful multicore, multithreaded network processes, PerfectStorm also prepares organizations for the future. As networking devices reach the terabit level and users drive ten times more TCP connections per second, PerfectStorm enables you to keep pace with mounting network demands without sacrificing performance.

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