• Network testing value: A combined solution offering both traffic generation and protocol testing in a single platform.
  • Compact, quiet, and affordable: The smallest footprint in the industry, outstanding cost per port, and featuring ultra-quiet, fan-less operation.
  • Validates layers 2-3: Covers full performance and conformance testing.
  • Tests critical industrial IoT timing standards: Supports full timing testing and automated time TSN for 802.1AS 2011/2020, 802.1Qbv, 802.1Qav, 802.1CB, and 802.1Qci.

Novus mini, a network test platform in a compact form factor, addresses the needs of network engineers as they deploy automotive and industrial internet of things (IoT) devices.

As organizations transition to Industry 4.0 business models to take advantage of digitalization, their reliance on connected IoT devices becomes critical for business operations. Industries such as automotive and manufacturing can improve safety and efficiency by connecting IoT machines and sensors to business systems. However, when connectivity and network issues cause system failures and downtime, it can result in high-risk, life-threatening situations. To mitigate any potential problems, network engineers must fully test the connectivity and performance of network components before deploying them.

Keysight’s Novus mini, a compact, quiet, and affordable platform for testing the performance and conformance of industrial networks, meets these needs. The Novus mini also supports testing based on time sensitive networking (TSN) standards, a critical safety component in IoT applications, including advanced driver assistance systems employed in autonomous vehicles.

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