APS-100/400GE Series


Industry's most powerful application and cybersecurity test platform


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Balancing Security + Performance in Hyperscale Networking

Data center operators and service providers face exponential growth in encrypted traffic volumes and continually expanding attack surfaces driven by digital transformations in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. 400GE puts further demands on critical infrastructure like NGFWs and application delivery controllers by transmitting traffic at unprecedented speed, making it more critical than ever for data center NEMs and operators validate that their solutions can support these hyperscale loads without sacrificing security and usability.

Keysight Data Center Infrastructure
APS Series application and security test platform

Modular and Flexible Hyperscale Test Platform

The APS-100/400GE Series employs a modular approach that allows users to stack APS-ONE-100 appliances and scale up to 16 compute nodes all managed by a single APS-M8400 appliance, creating a system capable of driving 5.1 billion of concurrent TCP connections and generating 3.2 Tbps of L47 traffic through Keysight’s industry-leading application delivery and security testing tools.​

What Can Hyperscale, 400GE Capable Testing Do For You?

A single APS-ONE-100 appliance delivers unparalleled TLS performance of up to 100K TLS connections per second, 3.2M TLS concurrent connections, and 150 Gbps of encrypted throughput.1

Use the APS-M1010 controller to scale up to 10 compute nodes and drive hyperscale throughput like 3.4M TLS connections per second, 45M TLS concurrent connections, and 1.78 Tbps of encrypted throughput.2

Need even more test capacity? Leverage the APS-M8400 appliance and its 8x400GE QSFP-DD native I/O to aggregate up to 16 compute nodes and harness the industry’s most powerful application and security test platform, capable of generating 1.6M TLS connections per second, 51M concurrent TLS connections, and 2.4 Tbps of encrypted throughput.​

1 APS-M1010 + 10 x APS-ONE-100 running IxLoad. Fanout modes are supported in only BreakingPoint now.

2 APS-ONE-100 with BreakingPoint.

For additional information, see the APS-100/400GE Series data sheet.

Watch this BreakingPoint Ultra-High Performance Test of FortiGate 7121F Enterprise Security Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Watch this BreakingPoint SSL Performance Test of FortiGate 7121F Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Keysight APS-M1010 Controller

Centralized Management

The APS-100/400GE Series features centralized management of up to 10 compute nodes with the APS-M1010, and up to 16 compute nodes with the APS-M8400, creating a single pane of glass view of all devices in a stack while also simplifying both device configuration and installation of software updates.

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