Conquer Challenges with Multiport Network Analyzers

The Keysight M980xA Series of PXI network analyzers meets the most demanding challenges with a true multiport architecture that offers exceptional performance no matter how many ports you use. Gain deeper insights into your devices with the widest available portfolio of measurement applications for PXI VNAs, including spectrum analysis and noise figure measurements.

  • Choose from nine frequency breaks up to 53 GHz
  • Get the best PXI VNA speed, dynamic range, trace noise, and stability to improve your accuracy, yield, and margins
  • Build your multiport setup out of full two-, four-, or six-port PXI modules and pay only for the ports you need
  • Test with full N-port capability, and cascade multiple modules for true multiport applications

Get Versatile Multiport and Multisite Capabilities

  • Add up to 50 ports in a single chassis
  • Gain full N-port correction capability
  • Choose to configure multiple independent PXI VNAs in a single chassis
  • Select two-port or multiport for each PXI network analyzer
  • Choose synchronous or asynchronous triggering
M980xA PXI VNA showing multisite, multiport capabilities
M9804A PXI VNA multiport test set up

M980xA PXI Network Analyzer Software

Network analyzer software tools enable you to investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs in various measurement applications. The M980xA series provides complete multiport characterization with a wide range of software applications, including spectrum analysis, pulsed RF, and enhanced TDR.

Key Specifications

Frequency Range

9 kHz to 20 GHz
100 kHz to 53 GHz

Dynamic Range

140 dB

Output Power

10 dBm

Trace Noise

0.0015 dB at 10 kHz IFBW

Built-In Ports

2, 4, or 6

Best 201 Point Sweep Time

1.2 ms

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