The Economical Choice for Signal Integrity and Material Measurements

The Keysight PNA-L network analyzers help you with your general-purpose network analysis needs. The PNA-L network analyzers gives you efficiency and flexibility in both manufacturing and research and development applications. The PNA-L network analyzers cover various industries ranging from mobile telecommunications, wireless LAN component production, and aerospace and defense. The PNA-L network analyzers offer the perfect balance of value and performance using the Keysight PNA network analyzer's core firmware.

  • Perform basic analysis of passive components and simple active devices
  • Measure S-parameters with accuracy up to 50 GHz
  • Evaluate mixed-mode S-parameter measurements without the limitations of using baluns
  • Accelerate insight into component behavior using a multi-touch display and intuitive user interface
  • Form a complete on-wafer measurement system with simple probe station integration
  • Get the world’s best price-to-performance ratio for microwave manufacturing

Optimize on-wafer measurements

Highly integrated devices require more measurements with fewer connections. Working with fewer connections is particularly challenging when full device characterization requires multiple instruments. Significantly reduce your wafer test times with a flexible single-connection, multiple measurement (SCCM) network analyzer.

On-wafer test

Key Specifications

Frequency Range

300 kHz to 20 GHz

10 MHz to 50 GHz

Dynamic Range

122 dB to 133 dB

Output Power

6 dBm to 13 dBm

Trace Noise

0.003 dB RMS

Built-In Ports

2 or 4 ports

Best 201 Point Sweep Time

6 ms

Find the Model that's Right for You

PNA-L network analyzer software

PNA-L Software

Network analyzer software tools enable you to investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs in a variety of measurement applications. The PNA-L supports several software applications that give you a deeper look at your devices, including physical layer test software (PLTS), materials measurements, time domain, spectrum analysis, and more. 

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