Meet the SL1094A Scienlab Charging Discover Test Software

The SL1094A Scienlab Charging Discover test software controls the SL1040A Scienlab Charging Discovery System (CDS). With this up-to-date, user-friendly software, you can operate the system, visualize measured values, record test sequences, and generate reports for trusted insights.

  • Live and synchronized views of recorded measurements
  • Test editor for creating individual test cases
  • Powerful graph view for analyzing recorded traces
  • Export of measured values (for example, MDF)
  • Remote functionality for Hardware in the Loop test benches

High performance for charging interface testing

The Charging Discover software is tailored to the requirements of the charging technology application and includes the following central functions:

  • Configuration of the CDS system for the required use case – for EV, EVSE or Man-In-The–Middle test
  • Data acquisition and recording of all CDS measured values
  • Remote recording of all CDS measured values if the CDS is embedded in a HiL test bench
  • Live view of the desired measured values in the form of digital displays and an XY graph
  • Updating of the CDS firmware directly by the user via an integrated update window, with Ethernet transfer
  • Exportation of measured values in common file formats

Individually Tailored to Your Needs

Our intuitive charging test software delivers the best possible outcome for you by realizing your specific needs:

  • Test project manager for easy selection, parametrization, and batch processing of individual test cases
  • Test editor for creating individual test cases
  • Importing, viewing, editing and creating customer-specific test cases
  • Adding, removing, configuring and activating available power sources and power sinks including setting of custom switch off limits
  • Configuration of 'Device under Test' (DUT) and 'Device under Emulation' (DOE) via exchangeable configuration files
  • Individual formatting of trace names and embedded file management for traces, parametrization files, and test case files

Key features

Tailored for charging interface test

For EV and EVSE test

Create individual test cases

Extend the capabilities for your Scienlab Charging Discover Test Software

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