Quick, Easy, and Secure connection between HFM and SMA

  • Adapt HFM to SMA for quick connection to an oscilloscope or other measurement system.
  • Measurement accuracy and versatility for multiport automotive MDI adaption 
  • Bandwidth DC – 20 GHz
  • AE6966A-HFK (HFM jack to SMA jack) 
  • AE6966A-HFS (HFM plug to SMA jack) 

The Keysight AE6966A HFM to 2.92 SMA adapter offers a way of connecting to your multiport automotive MDI interface. HFM® – High-Speed FAKRA-Mini is the next generation of automotive coax connectors for high data transmissions up to 20 Gbps. The small size makes it possible to place different modules on minimum installation space. Rosenberger HFM® is compliant to all common automotive standards. The AE6966A can be used to connect to a multiport housing. On the other end of the adapter is RPC-2.92 (Rosenberger Precision Connector) connectors are intermateable with common 2.92, 3.50, SMA, as well as K connectors. 

AE6966A fixtures are recommended for multigigabit Automotive Ethernet and for all gears/speed grades of MIPI A-PHY, ASA. These connectors are from Rosenberger, for more information on HFM please see: High Speed FAKRA Mini


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