Como Baixar

  1. Click the download button.
  2. Choose either 'Run' or 'Save'

Como Instalar

  1. Execute MAQS_Software_CD_7.2.2.exe to extract the CD-ROM contents into the location of your choice.
  2. Execute autorun.exe
  3. Click on ‘Install AcqirisMAQS Software’ and follow the instructions
  4. For Windows 8.1 users, after installation, use the Windows Search Tools with “AcqirisMAQS Client” search key to launch the software.


  • Requires a License

Documentação de suporte

Installs on: PC

Sistema Operacional

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1


  • AcqirisMAQS is currently compatible with Keysight Acqiris digitizers and time-to-digital converters only.

Instrumentos Compatíveis

  • All digitizer products using MD1 or MD2 drivers, including: U1061A, U1062A, U1063A, U1064A, U1065A, U1066A, U1067A, U1068A, U1069A, U1070A, U1071A, U1080A, U1081A, U1082A, U1084A, M9202A, M9210A, M9211A, M9703A, U5303A, U5903A, M9709A, M9703B