Land mobile radio (LMR) manufacturers continue to advance designs to take advantage of the latest communications standards and meet the needs of public safety and other agencies around the world. Today's governments and public safety organizations mandate digital standards that increase interoperability, scalability, and field functionality. Yet analog functionality remains important in the case of a massive communications failure. Modern radios deliver multi-band communications via LMR, cellular, and wireless local area networking (WLAN) to support increased situational awareness and network deployment options. Keysight’s radio test solutions enable you to design and test many formats and standards via a modular approach that ensures flexibility and scalability.

Expandable Approach to Radio Test

Given the vast technology and standard choices in today’s critical communications radios, manufacturers and depots need a flexible testing approach. The Keysight M8920A PXIe radio test set supports multiple formats by combining PXI hardware with application-specific software in one flexible, scalable chassis. The resulting multiformat coverage satisfies testing needs today and into the next generations of radios for military, public safety, and enterprises. This approach provides a reduced footprint when compared to a traditional rack and stack comprising a separate analyzer, generator, and audio source. The M8920A interface also enables manual troubleshooting.

Optics and Photonics Fiber Cable Image
Optics and Photonics Fiber Image

Testing Covers Digital Technologies

LMRs initially provided two-way communications over analog. With the move to digital standards and technologies such as Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Project 25 (P25), Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), these radios now rely on digital communications. These newer technologies bring significantly increased interoperability, compatibility, and spectrum efficiency. To assure radio success and support industry adoption of these digital technologies, you need a modular test solution that will keep pace with digital LMR technologies as they evolve.

Commercial Data Format Support

Critical communications integrates consumer technologies like Long Term Evolution (LTE) and wireless local area networking (WLAN) to achieve better performance and enhanced situational awareness. From public safety networks like FirstNet in the United States to military installations, LTE provides low latency and high resilience for interoperable voice and data applications. WLAN offers a hybrid solution with ease of deployment and low cost, leading to the deployment of ad hoc networks for both military and emergency responders. The M8920A radio test solution provides the necessary performance for manufacturing test of LTE and WLAN, giving you confidence in radio performance.

Optics and Photonics Fiber Cable Image
Optics and Photonics Fiber Image

Control Multiple Instruments on One Screen

Different measurements traditionally mean numerous test setups and a variety of software. With our radio test measurement application, you can access and control multiple instruments on one screen to view varied critical measurements simultaneously. Analog modulation and demodulation enable you to create, view, and analyze signals, metrics, spectrum, and waveforms. With digital modulation and demodulation, you can quickly generate signals for digital public safety standards. This software also aids in testing consumer and cellular communications technologies, which are increasingly integral to the performance of LMR systems.

Deploy More Quickly with Automated Testing

For radio test manufacturers and depots, testing consumes time and resources to satisfy aspects ranging from infrastructure to supplier product integration. Adapting to changing test requirements and environments is challenging with disconnected, homegrown software. You need a flexible and scalable desktop test automation solution. Our PathWave test automation software satisfies custom automation requirements by enabling a connected workflow to ease the integration process. Simple plugins allow test sequencing with no programming. With PathWave, you ensure a consistent user experience, common data formats, and efficient data sharing.

Optics and Photonics Fiber Cable Image

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