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Jay Alexander
Chief Technology Officer
Keysight Technologies

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Keynote: Validation of E-Mobility, Autonomous Driving and Connected Car

Join us in this keynote that addresses today's and tomorrow's trends, challenges, and solutions towards making autonomous electric vehicles a reality.

Anticipating the Challenges in C-V2X
Attend to learn the evolving 5G standards and releases that impact the C-V2X deployment that enhances the safety and autonomy of connected automated cars.

Enable Development of Fast Charging, High-Range Batteries
Attend this session to learn how these test technologies will enable the development of improved batteries for extended range and fast charging packs.

Testing Conformance and Interoperability of EV and EVSE
This session introduces the concept of harmonized conformance and interoperability and how it will drive broader market acceptance of e-Mobility.

Demystifying Automotive Ethernet Testing
This session includes test requirements and challenges due to new disruptive technology, automotive Ethernet as a next-generation communication bus.

Enable Multi-Object Radar Simulation Test in Real Scenarios
Join this session to learn how to characterize and test multiple radar devices accurately and safely in dynamic, real-world conditions.

Automotive Cybersecurity – Get a Grip on the Dark World
Join us to learn how to automate your cybersecurity testing throughout the lifecycle of your operating system and get prepared for upcoming standards.


Thomas Goetzl

Vice President and General Manager

Keysight Technologies

Bill McKinley

Automotive Strategic Planner

Keysight Technologies

Roger Uhlenbrock

Business Development Director

Keysight Technologies

Michael Tybel

Solution Center Manager

Keysight Technologies

Marty Gubow

Automotive and Energy Solution Planner

Keysight Technologies

Eng-Hooi Ang

Solution Planner

Keysight Technologies

Thomas Liefert

Business Development Manager

Keysight Technologies

Curtis Donahue

Senior Manager – Ethernet Technologies
University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL)

Steve Mango

Automotive and Energy Solutions Market Industry Manager

Keysight Technologies

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