Keysight enables innovators to push the boundaries of engineering by quickly solving design, emulation, and test challenges to create the best battery experiences. Whether you’re looking to configure cell forming and cycling, develop a battery management system, or test batteries, Keysight provides intelligent insights that reduce risk and speed time-to-market.

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Keysight’s Scienlab battery test solution supports the entire research and development process of any battery cell, module, and pack with innovative test systems, first-class control and test software, Energy Storage Discover (ESD), and PathWave Lab Operations Software for Battery Test.

Keysight and Proventia also collaborate to optimize EV battery test solutions. Proventia's standardized, modular, and location-independent test units reduce investment time and cost with scalability that enables customers to choose from the right sized test chambers for rapid deployment.

Scienlab Battery Test System

The BT2200 charge-discharge, Li-ion cell formation, and test solution provide an ideal solution for lifetime durability testing. It avoids tying up more sophisticated testers, as durability tests can take days and even weeks, or add the BT2200 series precision electronics to your formation line equipment.

Learn our innovative methods using BT2152B self-discharge analyzer at the cell formation and aging stages improve manufacturing throughput and reduce both production time and cost.

To reproducible and secure testing and battery management system (BMS) optimization, Keysight supplies a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) BMS test environment. The test environment also provides emulation of cell temperatures, battery current sensors, insulation resistances, and individually defined errors such as insulation faults at the battery voltage, line breaks, or short circuits.

SL1010A Scienlab

Past Presentations

Gigafactory Track C

Date/Time: 24-May 2023/15:20

Topic: Reducing costs of quality control in a gigafactory

Abstract: A key parameter for measuring the quality of cell production is the cell's cycle life. In a gigafactory, this will require many cells to be cycled on a sample basis, requiring large capital investment and operational costs (energy) to run this long-term quality check, which can take weeks or months to test each cell. In this case study, we will show a novel approach to a cell cycling quality gate along with savings in capital equipment needed, floor space, safety, and energy consumption.


Presenter: Albert Groebmeyer (Strategic Portfolio Planner)

Al Zubaidi Nawfal

Presenter: Dr. Nawfal Al-Zubaidi Smith (Senior Researcher)

Open Tech Forum

Date/Time: 25-May 2023, 11:30

Topic: Advancing cell and pack characterization with novel metrology and calibrated impedance spectroscopy for accurate field testing

Abstract: Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is widely used for battery cell testing in industrial production and R&D labs. This work addresses the use of EIS calibration and uncertainty analysis in cell and pack classification. For the first time, an uncertainty analysis of calibrated EIS is provided. Different uncertainty sources are identified, including the fixture repeatability and the measurement noise uncertainty, with an error model assigned to each of them. We show the impact of uncertainty and impedance calibration on the cell classification, and based on the uncertainty and corresponding error bounds, a confidence level was established for the classification results. The methods are applied to single cylindrical cells as well as a 7kWh automotive battery module consisting of 396 cells, in order to access the state of charge (SoC) and the state of health (SoH).


Electric Vehicle Charging Station

E-Mobility Webinar

Connect with Keysight energy storage test system experts with sound knowledge of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and battery testing including cell, module, and pack level. We also offer test solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging interoperability test.

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Auto Tech Talk

Stay connected with short Q&A series as we tackle tough automotive development and test challenges for autonomous vehicle and EV test challenges.

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