Test tomorrow’s technologies today! 

The time to implement 5G is now. Emulate the latest 5G devices and networks across the most accurate 5G channel – today. Increase the performance of your 5G innovations with end-to-end test solutions. Accelerate your time to market by streamlining your workflow from design to manufacturing and deployment. 

We look forward to connecting with you at MWC 2021 in Barcelona. Please stay tuned for our further communications on this exciting event! 


We have made the MWC19 material related to our key demonstrations available for you to download.

Learn more about the latest solutions for 5G, IoT, and Automotive that were showcased in Barcelona.

5G New Radio requires new technologies and performance improvements that challenge the way engineers design, test, and optimize 5G devices. Keysight’s expertise and solutions can help you to solve 5G design and test challenges ahead of the technology wave, providing solutions that span the device ecosystem, enabling designers to accelerate development and bring 5G innovations to market faster.  Discover our selection of the demo videos and related resources, including:  

  • GCF/PTCRB protocol and RF conformance tests for 5G devices 
  • Full device benchmarking and analytics 
  • Over-the-air (OTA) tests of multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO)-based devices 
  • Modeling of real-world Wi-Fi 6 devices

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