As the EW threat environment continues to evolve, confidence and reliability in EW system validation and verification is heavily dependent on the modernisation and improvement of the test and evaluation process. Limitations of traditional approaches to EW simulation, test, and verification are increasingly impacting the ability for the EW industry to accomplish its mission. At the same time, decades of investment in threat data and test scenario development needs to be protected and reused, simultaneously addressing new requirements.

Keysight’s Dan Pleasant presented “Test and Evaluation of Cognitive EA Systems”.

Other experts on our booth demonstrated how Keysight is defining and delivering modern, flexible and cost-effective, commercial-based, EW test and evaluation solutions, for all stages of your mission; from initial design through to operational verification:

  • Flexible and scalable threat simulation platforms with highly accurate Angle of Arrival and automated system level calibration.
  • Radar and EW pulse analysis and verification platforms to capture highly complex signal environments.
  • Multi-function 50GHz handheld combination analysers for pre-mission go or no-go testing.
  • A full range of service and support offerings to optimise return on investment of your test assets.

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