Data centers transport vast amounts of data using electrical Ethernet connections, but as demand for greater throughput increases, many connections are moving to optical fiber to simplify the overall network and provide greater capacity. Therefore the ability to co-simulate and co-optimize both electrical-optical-electrical system parameters has become a critical barrier to developing high performance hardware products. PathWave ADS co-simulation capability with VPIphotonics TransmissionMakerTM enables system designers to predict the design margin (eye height and width metrics) at the desired system BER minimizing the risk of link performance issues. The solution also enables system architects to investigate link performance characteristics with varied fiber lengths, effects of distortion/dispersions, optical drive level, electrical transmitter and receiver equalization settings and electrical channel design (trace routing and via design).
Solution Capabilities:
  • Full link analysis
  • IBIS-AMI PAM4 simulation
  • Connected flow for TDECQ

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