Industry’s First & Only 800GE Packet Blaster

Supports 8 x 100GE, 2 x 400GE, and 1 x 800GE Testing

Simplified. Designed specifically for testing all Ethernet speeds based on 112G electrical lanes, including Ethernet Technology Consortium 800GE and IEEE 802.3 400GE, 200GE, and 100GE. Easy-to-see system overview of forward error correction (FEC) performance across all Ethernet speeds in real-time with patented bit error rate test (BERT) inferred FEC.

Insightful. Based on innovative features to quickly:

  • Trigger and FEC capture on codeword events (patent pending)
  • Evaluate interoperability & FEC performance with best-in-class error analysis such as patented BERT inferred FEC
  • Explore other key FEC details such as frame loss ratio, pre-FEC BER, symbol error density distribution
  • Blast line-rate Ethernet traffic (800GE, 400GE, 200GE, 100GE)

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