Validate Automotive Ethernet Protocol

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Ensure Multi-Vendor ECUs Speak The Same Language

The sheer number of electronics and networking applications in a modern vehicle is pushing bandwidths to the limit. In response, automotive manufacturers must add more complex electronic control units (ECUs). Through the best-of-breed approach, automotive manufacturers now mix and match components from different suppliers. As a result, they need to ensure all ECUs speak the exact same language.

Automotive manufacturers usually require their vendors to follow the same process by developing test specifications for protocol suites.

  • Verify to ensure a device's protocol software meets the specification
  • Observe how well the device handles traffic from noncomplying network components
  • Determine how new development affects existing code through regression testing.

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Keysight Automated Network Validation Library Solution

Perform extensive, thorough automated testing to validate protocol compliance and interoperability of automotive ECUs and networks using IxANVL.

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