O-RAN Radio Unit Conformance Test Automation

O-RAN RU conformance test set up

Next-generation O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) equipment design, validation, and production teams face new and diverse test challenges. Open fronthaul architectures and base station (gNB) disaggregation drive the need for unit testing in isolation, flexible peer emulation, and comprehensive analysis of new O-RAN devices – including multi-domain combinations of LTE and 5G signal test scenarios with standard-based O-RAN protocol generation and measurements.

With the comprehensive conformance test requirement, network equipment manufacturers need an integrated and automated solution to configure test cases for design validation and manufacturing.

O-RAN RU conformance test timing icon

Eliminate concerns over timing and accuracy of DUT response

Capture and accurately timestamp RF and Fronthaul messages

O-RAN RU conformance test validation icon

Validate O-RU performance easily

Automate the validation of O-RU compliance and radio performance

O-RAN RU conformance test frequency icon

Ensure tests cover FR1 and FR2 frequencies

Get a solution that supports multiple bands without losing test coverage

Keysight O-RAN Radio Unit Conformance Test Solution

The O-RAN RU conformance test solution combines the power of the Keysight UXA X-Series and PXA X-Series signal analyzers (spectrum analyzers) with the new Keysight VXG signal generator, and Keysight PathWave vector signal analysis (89600 VSA) software. Enable new performance levels in O-RAN RU conformance test with solutions from Keysight.

O-RAN RU Conformance Testing Demo

O-RAN RU downlink & uplink test demonstration

Learn More About O-RAN RU Conformance Testing

O-RAN RU conformance test webinar

Learn about O-RAN RU conformance testing and the challenges associated with conducting these tests. Listen to the on-demand webinar to see the Keysight O-RAN RU conformance test setup. This solution can help you validate O-RAN conformance and performance of the open fronthaul implementation across radio frequency (RF) and protocol measurement domains.

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