Characterizing 5G and mmWave Materials

Material performance needed for 5G and mmW automotive radar applications

Signal losses are a major concern for the 5G ecosystem, particularly in the millimeter-wave freqency band. Important characteristics such as low dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df) are required to enable a lower latency signal to avoid signal loss at high speed.

For a typical low loss (0.0001<Df <0.01 typical) thin film material, we recommend using the split cylinder cavity resonator (SCCR) fixture, which simply place the material under test in between the fixture holders, then tighten it with the lever on the side. Users face challenges to use the right sample thickness corresponds to the different frequency points, to obtain the maximum accuracy.


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Material Measurement Fixture up to 80GHz

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Material Measurement Fixture up to 80GHz

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mmWave Material Measurement Solutions and Demo

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