Ease Complex Waveform Generation With Software

Waveform Generation

While the oscilloscope is undoubtedly the workhorse for high-speed wireline compliance testing, the role of the arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) has taken on new importance due to ever-increasing signal complexity. Increased wireline complexity is evident in many applications, including 100 Gbaud PAM4 multilevel and multichannel digital signals in high-speed backplane connections, coherent optical applications in the data room, and high-speed interface compliance testing for MIPI, HDMI, USB4, PCIe 5.0, 400G, and others.

Software templates and automation of basic equipment programming have helped reduce waveform generation and ease of use challenges. For example, the software can automate the setups of BERT / AWG / oscilloscope test systems for USB4 Rx compliance and other wireline buses, including PCIe and HDMI.

Create complex and custom waveforms quickly

Use Benchlink Waveform Builder Pro software to automate high-speed interface compliance-based testing

Interface with third-party applications easily

Use proven API-based software compatible with popular design and test tools

Data Access Anywhere

Select a pattern generator for customized BERT-based testing

Apply a BERT-enabled AWG system and software for your wireline compliance testing to save time

Keysight AWG Software Solution

To help mitigate challenges in creating waveforms for wireline compliance testing, Keysight integrated waveform generator hardware and software to ease complex waveforms' customization, programming, and automation.

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