Run your DCA oscilloscope from anywhere

Keysight’s N1010A FlexDCA software gives you the flexibility to run your DCA oscilloscope and troubleshoot designs from virtually anywhere. FlexDCA runs on the 86100D or N1000A DCA-X mainframe or any instrument or PC/laptop that uses Microsoft Windows 7 or 10. It controls measurement hardware such as the DCA family of oscilloscopes and clock recovery hardware, both as a local user interface (UI) and as a remote control.

FlexDCA also provides a visual output for simulation and for remote access to supported DCA mainframes. In addition to acquiring data and making measurements, FlexDCA also includes powerful tools that boost productivity and provide insights into root causes of issues with the signal or device under test. FlexDCA can be used for applications like:

  • Research and design verification of electrical transmitters (ASICs, FPGAs, PHYs)
  • Research, development and manufacturing of optical transmitters/transceivers
  • Analysis of reflections and transmission characteristics of electrical components and channels
  • General-purpose analysis of analog and digital signals

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Research and Development Package

Characterize your design and gain more insights into why a signal is deviating from expectations

FlexDCA Software for Oscilloscopes

Manufacturing Package

Manage cost of test in Optical Transceiver manufacturing applications

Signal Integrity Package

Measure impedances, transfer characteristics, and make S-parameter calculations along with making basic TDR/TDT measurements

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