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What do you get when you add powerful engineering software to your test flow? For starters, improved workflows, automation, data management, and faster insights, even when working remotely. 

Discover the software behind Keysight’s high precision hardware for greater innovation, anywhere. 

Design and Simulation

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Automation and Analysis

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Test and Applications

Software for your hardware

Design & Simulation for Every Technology

Every year, designers push new limits: longer battery life, smaller components, higher levels of integration. Designers spend hours setting up and running simulations. Mountains of data wait to be measured and analyzed. To keep up with the strong demands of modern technology, designers need a new approach.  

Automate & Analyze for faster innovation

Test requirements are changing more quickly than homegrown test software can evolve. With software for automation and data analytics, you can optimize your end-to-end product development lifecycle. Advanced test automation and analysis tools can help you automate your test sequences, perform multiple tests, and easily analyze the data collected.

Take advantage of your instrument's full capabilities 

Increased test complexity is driving test equipment to its limits. Expand the capabilities of your instruments with software designed to work with your hardware. Combine your oscilloscope or network analyzer with powerful software to achieve greater control of its advanced capabilities.

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