Introducing Our New MXG Signal Generator

Our new MXG vector signal generator packs up to 4 sources and a reflectometer into a single chassis. The embedded reflectometer expedites the setup process when correcting for the DUT match in minutes versus days. The MXG signal generator provides consistent and repeatable results and scales across a wide range of applications.

Simplify Your Test Setup and Characterize Your Designs 20% Faster

Learn more about our new metrology-grade reference source for R&D, design verification, and manufacturing ideal for a wide range of applications like power amplifier design, receiver design, or phased array chipset testing. Our new MXG features custom DAC ASICs inside using direct digital synthesis to deliver the precise signals you need to remove distortion and meet the evolving standards like 5G New Radio FR1 or Wi-Fi 802.11be.

Learn more about our new MXG signal generator and see a demo of best-in-class performance measurements like error vector magnitude (EVM) and adjacent channel leakage ratio measurements (ACLR).

MXG Webinar Image

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