Transform in-store and online retail experiences with rapid and reliable automated software testing across all customer touchpoints and technologies.

Retail POS Transformation – A Test Strategy for Success

Learn from a panel of experts, including the director of application engineering at Staples US Retail, how replacing manual efforts with automated software testing accelerated the re-platforming of an entire point-of-sale (POS) network across 1,000 stores.

Revolutionize Automated Software Testing

Say goodbye to slow, manual, script-based testing and missed defects that affect the user experience, and enjoy fast and reliable releases with Keysight Eggplant. Take advantage of AI-driven robotics to test POS terminals and connected physical devices to optimize the in-store checkout experience. Elevate software quality and performance across eCommerce, mobile, and backend retail systems by revolutionizing your test processes with Keysight Eggplant.

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Automated POS Testing

Eliminate manual testing complexities and errors to reduce release cycles from weeks to hours with automated POS testing. Keysight Eggplant effortlessly connects to robotics to automate testing for traditionally manual and challenging physical actions and payment processes.

Unlock efficiency and reliability in your POS testing process with seamless test automation from Keysight.

Automated UI Testing

Use Keysight Eggplant's model-based approach for automated UI testing to verify and validate digital experiences across all devices and browsers.

Uncover all possible user journeys across eCommerce websites and other applications with AI-powered exploratory testing.

Leverage advanced image and optical character recognition to test exactly what your users see, regardless of the codebase.

Keysight Eggplant mobile app testing solution

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Automated Mobile App Testing

Simplify challenging and complex mobile app testing with Keysight Eggplant. QA engineers are able to verify mobile app performance, functionality, usability, and security. With access to emulated and real physical devices running on different iOS and Android versions, Eggplant streamlines the test processes, overcomes device fragmentation issues, and uncovers bugs before they hit production.

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