Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles generate massive amounts of data, creating unprecedented bandwidth demand in data center networks. While 400G transceivers roll out in data centers, 800G and 1.6T research is already underway.

You need test solutions that will evolve with you every step of the way, including 400G implementation, 800G and 1.6T pathfinding, and device validation and conformance testing. Keysight can help you make 800G and 1.6T data center speeds a reality.

1.6T is the future of Ethernet. Are you ready? Watch the webinar and gain insights from data center and networking industry experts about the innovations and challenges of implementing 1.6T networks.

224 Gbps test solution

224 Gb/s Research and Development

224G interfaces provide increased bandwidth while significantly reducing power consumption in 800G and 1.6T networks. However, testing these fast and complex signals creates unprecedented challenges. We partnered with industry-leading companies and standards bodies to provide the first 224 Gb/s test solution for electrical and optical testing.

112 Gb/s Validation and Conformance Test

Conformance testing is critical in the networking industry to ensure interoperability among silicon, modules, and optical transceivers from different vendors. Keysight’s 400G and 800G solutions offer complete 112 Gb/s optical and electrical conformance test solutions for IEEE 802.3ck and OIF-CEI-112G standards. You need fully automated standards-conformance test applications to ensure accurate and repeatable results that enable you to go beyond basic compliance.

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