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Get 24x7 self-help at the personalized Keysight Support Portal. Work with others across your location and access thousands of exclusive technical articles, programming examples, product manuals, software/firmware/driver downloads, and more. You can get help to solve tough technical issues by creating a support case for most hardware and software assets at your site.

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View how KeysightCare experts helped customers like you.

Frank Alandt

Research center makes cutting edge measurements with the help of test experts.

Samara Sazesh

Optical device company saves over a month by accessing technical expertise fast.

Raphael Brown

University makes breakthrough LiFi measurements with new test lab setup by Keysight.

Steve Minder

Research lab keeps their future 5G phone on schedule with fast technical help.

Xavier Allart

Research lab makes breakthrough measurements for new technology with help.

Support. Elevated.

The days of simple design are gone. You are pushing new limits. Your designs are redefining state of the art. Tools for designing and testing future requirements are evolving with you, but customer support has not. Until now.

KeysightCare provides complete customer care far beyond basic warranty.

  • Committed response times for service requests.
  • Equipment tracking to keep test assets current.
  • Proactive firmware and software notifications.
  • Software updates and enhancements.
  • Option of several service tiers to fit your business needs.
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