Explore, Optimize, and Evaluate Trade-Offs for 5G NR Designs

5G New Radio (NR) introduces new end-to-end network architectures that enable high data rates and low latency connections. However, these advances come with design challenges for devices and components. These include taking critical measurements and adhering to test protocols to verify signal quality, RF performance, and network service quality.

Address these challenges with a complete set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis so you can explore a signal virtually from any angle, optimize it, and evaluate your design trade-offs. Keysight PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (89600 VSA) software supports over 75 signal standards and modulation types, including 5G NR.

  • See through the complexity of your 3GPP 5G NR signals with a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis
  • Analyze your downlink and uplink signal quality — overall error vector magnitude (EVM), EVM across symbols and subcarriers, constellations, IQ error plots, and more
  • Identify and resolve various design and measurement challenges posed by using mmWave frequency, multiple numerologies, and CP-OFDM waveforms
  • Analyze and troubleshoot up to 4x4 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) in the uplink or downlink
  • Assess LTE-NR integration and coexistence through simultaneous analysis of LTE and 5G NR
  • Use the dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) with simultaneous demodulation of LTE and 5G NR signals
  • Discover and isolate specific channel effects and impairments by utilizing the color-coding, marker coupling, and 3D traces features

Four Tips for 5G New Radio Signal Analysis

As cellular communication systems transform rapidly, demand for higher operating frequencies and wider bandwidths pose new design and testing challenges.

We can help you simplify and optimize your 5G NR measurement setup so you can emulate, measure, validate, and troubleshoot your 5G NR signals for innovation, transformation, and success in the 5G world. Discover four tips to analyze your 5G NR signals and get your designs to market faster.

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PathWave VSA 5G NR Modulation Analysis Demonstration

Learn how to make demodulation and error vector measurements of a 5G NR signal, based on the latest 3GPP Release 15 and Release 16 specifications using PathWave 89600 VSA 5G NR modulation analysis.

Get comprehensive frequency, time, and modulation-domain analysis (Option BHN) for your signals in a single measurement, based on 3GPP’s 5G NR specification and Verizon’s 5G open trial specification. Identify your overall signal characteristics and troubleshoot intermittent errors peaks or repeated synchronization failures by configuring result traces for your spectrum, acquisition time, and NR-specific modulation quality traces and tables.

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Evaluate PathWave 89600 VSA software that helps you test, troubleshoot, and design your 5G NR devices and networks accurately and efficiently. Perform demodulation and error vector measurements of your 5G NR and pre-5G signals based on 3GPP Release 15 and Release 16 specifications.

Other PathWave 5G NR Signal Generation and Signal Analysis Software

Create signals and perform 5G NR one-button downlink and uplink measurements that conform to 3GPP 5G NR standards

Find the Instrument That's Right For You

Whether you are in your early 5G research, need support for your pre-5G commercialization, or want to offer the first-to-market solutions, we’ve got you covered. With our broad range of hardware and software signal generators and analyzers, you are sure to find the right instrument no matter where you are in the development cycle.

Discounted Hardware and Software Bundles for 5G NR

Generate and analyze the latest 5G NR compliant waveforms to accelerate your research. With support for many frequency bands from sub-6 GHz to millimeter-wave (mmWave), as well as modulation bandwidths, you can adapt your test solution as 5G evolves.

Frequency range (FR) FR1 FR2
Hardware Signal generator N5172B; N5182B M9384B
Signal analyzer N9020B; N9030B N9021B; N9030B; N9040B; N9042B
Software Signal generation N7631EMBC N7631APPC
Signal analysis N9085EM0E N9085EM0E
Savings up to $47k up to $100k

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